Saturday August 1st. Bosham to Chichester

My 10 mile walk around Chichester Harbour needs to be done on a good day when the water sparkles and the boats bob. On a bad day we would be walking into the teeth of a gale.

The weather did not disappoint, unlike Southern Railways which managed to make us miss our connection to Bosham. Facing a 1 hour delay, we headed for the bus. The locals were a little bemused to find 18 Polyramblers crammed onto their small vehicle. Starting the walk from Bosham village, our route had to skirt the high tide which had engulfed the shore path and road. The little ferry across the harbour was doing a roaring trade. A nervous labrador had to be manhandled up the steep, narrow gangplank. But so did 2 Polyramblers, including yours truly!

Most of us ate our picnic on the quay at West Itchenor, watching the boating activity.  The afternoon walk took us along the old canal where we saw many coots and ducks, a buzzard, a heron and even a terrapin, originally mistaken for a plastic turtle until it moved its head. On returning to Chichester, 7 of us attended Choral Evensong in the Cathedral – a glorious and peaceful end to the day.

Now we just have to claim compensation for that train delay.


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