Saturday August 29th Twickenham to Richmond

Five walkers turned up for the short walk on Sat. Solvig, Nigel, Roberta, myself and Louise – a friend of mine.
The weather was wonderful. We took the walk  gently and went first on to Eel pie Island, then to York House, Orleans house and Marble Hill House for lunch. We didn’t go in the houses – just lovely to walk around the gardens and watch the boats going by on the river. The gardens at York House  were originally designed  by a famous Indian industrialist  Sir Ratan Tata who lived there long ago. After lunch, we went on the little ferry crossing and no one fell overboard. Then, on to Richmond by the river.
We finished up naturally at Costa Coffee and guess who was first in the queue for coffee and comfy sofas? Yes, you’ve got it and the rest of us were right behind! I think we all enjoyed the day.

photo by Cristian Bortes