Sunday 26 July: Shorter Walk – Little Venice, Regent’s Park & Primrose Hill (Circular)

In pouring rain, ten heroic ramblers set off from Little Venice along the canal towards Regents Park. Enroute we encountered a band of trainee cyclists who wobbled their way past us as we stood well clear. Turning into the park, we walked beside the lake to a cafe where we had a well-deserved stop for coffee and cake. By this time the rain had eased and we continued through the park past a pair of black swans in the Rose Garden and with glimpses of llamas and penguins in the zoo. We stopped for an excellent lunch in the Pembroke Castle before climbing up Primrose Hill for a very misty view of the London skyline. Returning to the canal as the rain started again, we retraced our steps back to Little Venice passing the grandly refurbished Crockers Folly pub and the residence of Guy Gibson of Dambusters fame. On completion of this very damp walk, everyone deserved a medal but unfortunately all they got was a Fox’s glacier fruit!


Image: Canal basin at Little Venice.  Charles Drakew