May 15th. Leigh to Sevenoaks

What a lovely day for a walk! The bluebells that were in amongst every clump of trees when we did the walkover two weeks ago had given way to wild garlic and the meadows are now full of buttercups. Horse chestnut trees are in full flower and their leaves luminously bright green despite attacks of leaf blotch in recent years. Lots of wisteria on the few houses and cottages we passed. We were blessed with warm sunshine but when the occasional cloud came over or when we were walking in the shade we could feel the icy wind still reminding us that spring has not yet fully arrived. But the ground was not muddy – in fact in some fields the soil in between the crops was cracked as in severe drought.

Otherwise the fields and hills near and far were just a magnificent display of many shades of green. Passing inquisitive horses (looking for goodies in vain) and cows (probably also hoping we brought food), we arrived at The White Rock Inn at Underriver, for a delicious late lunch in the garden, joined by Geoffrey who had driven to meet us in order to rest his ankle today. After lunch we tackled the steepest part of the walk, up to the Greensand Way, through woods to Knole Park. Admiring more wisteria all along the wall of the garden, we crossed the park and made our way up past the Environmental Park (disposing of other people’s rubbish on the way!) to Sevenoaks High Street and down to the station and home. Thank you to all the Polyramblers who came out to enjoy the walk with me today.