Saturday 21st October. Barbara’s Hampstead Heath walk

On the sunny, windy autumn day 11 of us went on the circular Hampstead Heath walk. The walk was repeated on the request of walkers participating in this ‘adventure’ on August 5th. The route was almost the same, but the scenery was very much different. It was Autumn spectacle! The leaves of deciduous trees and some shrubs were changing its original colour to a glorious shades of gold,bronze, red, green etc.. We had a joyful time walking over crunchy, wet leaves and some muddy paths admiring Autumn scenery. We did not forget to stop for lunch and to have a good rest at Kenwood House. We finished our leisurely walking day at The Flask pub for some refreshments.
It was a great Autumn day! The walk was requested by the group to repeat it  AGAIN  in the Winter! Thank you to 10 friendly polyramblers for coming on the walk”.