Despite dire warnings of pouring rain, weather bombs, storm Brian etc, 9 of us + one small dog screwed up our courage & went on the walk. As it  happened there was very little rain & what there was came mostly at lunch time which hardly mattered. The terrifying gale & flying trees didn’t happen either which was fortunate as the walk was mostly in woodland; there was just the pleasant sound of wind in the tree tops & we had a beautiful day. There was some discussion about what the leader’s role should be if a large oak were to come flying through the air in our direction; some thought they should sacrifice themselves in a noble attempt to save the group, some -well, the leader- disagreed, thinking that would be a pointless gesture & how would the survivors find their way to the pub without them? Luckily it remained an academic argument; we found our way to 2 pubs, a village shop that does tea & coffee & made it to the train in perfect time .