Saturday 17th February, Gillingham (Kent) to Rainham.

There were 15 of us on the train to Gillingham, much heartened by there being a blue sky and even a weak sun, the first time on a walk for many weeks. Heading north from the station, we crossed over the disused railway line that leads down to Brompton Barracks and Chatham Dockyard. Shortly after our first glimpse of the Medway, we passed  the lovely parish church of St Mary Magdalene, set in an unusually large green. There has been a church here since 700 AD and even the newest parts date from the 15th century.

Reaching the estuary, we followed the Saxon Shore Way, much of the path being on the top of a levee built at the time of the Thames Barrier. Opposite to the north was the Hoo penininsula with the church of St Werberg and to it’s right, Kingsnorth power station. The tide was coming in and we spent time looking at  bird activity and the endlessly fascinating wavelet patterns made by the light wind. Some of the group made a detour to Horrid Hill, involving a climb of at least 3 metres. We lunched at the extremely cheery Three Mariners before a short afternoon walk to Rainham station. A lovely day to be out and about. More weather like this please. Our thanks to Martin