Saturday 10th March. Walthamstow village and wetlands. Linear.

It was a grey day that threatened rain but 17 Polyramblers turned up. We started our walk in the conservation area, stopping briefly in the Vestry House museum before continuing through Walthamstow village and its pretty shops. We passed the Nag’s Head and the Ancient House before going in St Mary’s church where we had a nice welcome and were told about the history of the church. We saw the imposing Waltham Forest College, Waltham Forest Assembly Hall and Town Hall before going in Lloyd Park, the former grounds of Water House, the home of William Morris. We continued to the High Street where we had lunch and did some shopping in the market. 13 Polyramblers then made their way to Walthamstow Wetlands. Unfortunately, the Coppermill gate entrance was shut and we had to make quite a long detour along the river Lea. When we arrived near the other entrance in Forest Road, 7 Polyramblers decided to call it a day and went to catch the tube. 6 of us made it inside the Wetlands as far as the Engine House but as the gates were shutting at 4.00 and we did not have time to walk around the reservoirs, we also decided to call it a day. We will have to come back another time to make sure we explore this newly opened nature reserve.