Six Polyramblers assembled at Waterloo Station prepared to brave the vagaries of  South Western’s rail replacement buses.  We were rewarded  with a direct bus from Guildford to Petersfield , where we were joined by another Polyrambler, and thus were able to start the walk earlier than anticipated.

The weather brightened and we made good progress, following the Hangers Way via  the village of  Steep.  We climbed  the short but very steep Shoulder of Mutton Hill where we stopped for an early lunch by the memorial bench to the poet Edward Thomas and enjoyed a wonderful view of the South Downs. The path took us down to Hawkley  and its Inn where we stopped for a welcome  drink at the pub  before continuing on. 

The next five miles went through quite muddy rutted paths interspersed with fields and lovely  views. The weather stayed dry until we reached Liss station when the heavens opened while we waited for the 17.38 bus to Guildford. We just made the 19.04 train to Waterloo and were all home by 21.00.

All agreed it was a lovely walk, despite the transport problems and hopefully can be put on the programme again in a couple of years once the railway engineering works are finally completed !


Photos by Stephen