We were surprised when, on taking a turning out of Bexley station, we found the riverside walk closed off due to works. It had been open one week before, with no notice displayed about future closure. Teaming up, we planned an alternative, to bypass the problem and get back on our route. A bit of walking along a road and we were able to join the Loop again. The weather was fine and our small group enjoyed the woods, riverside and some galloping horses. A bit of mud here and there slowed us a little.  We sat at the Ha Ha at Sidcup House and had our sarnies with a coffee from the restaurant behind us, which was doing good trade,  it being Mother’s day.
After lunch we crossed into Chislehurst common and then into Petts wood which provided some photo opportunities.  That done we carried on to Petts wood station and made good time to catch trains homewards to Charing cross or Victoria.
Jackie. Photos by Chris