Wednesday 17th; Evening Walk in Kennington & vauxhall

11 Polyramblers met at Oval and crossed the old Roman road of Stane Street to enter Kennington Park. We passed the Tinworth Fountain, the standing stone air raid memorial and the Prince Consort’s Model Lodge before going into the lovely flower garden. We walked around St Mark’s Church, one of the Waterloo churches, and continued to Vauxhall’s Park along quiet roads. The lavender was in full bloom in the Park and smelt lovely. We passed the model houses, stopped outside the British Interplanetary Society before going to Bonnington Square. This small square is an oasis in the middle of Vauxhall. Then we walked to Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens and to Vauxhall tube station where half the group finished the walk. The rest of us continued along the Thames to the American Embassy before having a drink in a pub along the river.