Sunday February 7th. Chipstead Circular

The weather forecast was poor,and the preceding week had been wet, so it was a creditable 9 who assembled at Chipstead Station. We were pleased to welcome new member Marie-Reine who  came out with us on the Windsor walk before Christmas. We entered Banstead Woods, taking due note of a sign urging people not to eat the snails. There were a lot of people about, but we were probably the only ones who were dogless. Emerging from the woods, we continued through undulating farmland to the Well House Inn at Mugswell. Despite having done a few walks in this area, this was the first time we had been there and we were most impressed. Friendly staff, efficient service, good food and beer, all in a wonderfull old building. The afternoon took us across a couple of golf courses, crossing the fairway on half a dozen occasions, but fortunately there were few golfers around to be inconvenienced. All in all a good day’s walking. Despite muddy conditions there was no rain and we enjoyed some fine clear views across the pretty Chipstead valley. Thanks to Susan for making the arrangements and leading us.


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