Saturday August 5th, Hampstead circular

On a  sunny morning 9 of us started the Circular walk from Hampstead tube station. We walked through Hampstead Village, attractive woodlands, Heath Ponds ascending the summit of Parliament Hill. In spite of a gentle mist and drizzle on the hill, we still had a magnificent panorama view over Central London. We continued the leisurely walk along Highgate Ponds before reaching Kenwood House for lunch. At this point Hazel departed from the group. After lunch and visit to Art Collection in Kenwood House, we headed towards Barbara Hepworth’s and Henry Moore’s sculptures. Then onwards to the Wood Pond in the valley bottom, where Kenwood House emerges on the hill – magnificent view! We continued the walk on the main path trough beautiful woodlands swinging left and right, going up and down until we reached the hill from where there was enjoyable view over the Valle of Health to Central London. Following the path, we emerged by Jack Straw Castle and walked through most pleasant streets in Hampstead with many fine houses. Further on we passed Fenton House, a  1693 National Trust property, couple of churches, cemetery, shops etc… Then happily we  reached The Flask pub for refreshments and relaxation.

It was very enjoyable day, and the walk was requested by the group to be repeated in the Autumn.