Report by Sunita.

Fifteen walkers met at Barbican station for a 5 mile walk, led by Martin and assisted by his friend John, tracing the steps of the bard, William Shakespeare. From the station we went to Barbican Centre, stopping at the site of Fortune Theatre. Here Martin showed several ways the bard’s name was spelt. We studied the Roman ruins and past the St Giles and made our way towards the garden where there a memorial to Heminge and Condell, two of Shakespeare’s fellow actors who is buried. At the Guildhall we saw the Lord Mayor’s coach.
This was my first visit to the Guildhall and I was very impressive and hope to explore the area further. We walked on streets with names such as Bread, Milk, Poultry and Cheapside on to the churchyard at St Paul’s Cathedral, heart of the book trade and here First editions of Shakespeare’s plays were bought and sold. Pam was able to post a birthday card in here first, a rare letterbox that offered  Saturday collection service.
We stopped for Lunch at the Black Friar, near Blackfriar’s Bridge. This pub was saved by Sir John Betjeman. The pub has beautiful mosaic and sculptures. For London the pub is very reasonably priced, food was very tasty, so the pub was very busy as expected.
We crossed the Thames via Millennium Bridge. Here we lost Geoffrey. Not bad for London. We made our way to the Rose and Globe Theatres, past the Borough Market and Southwark Cathedral and on to the George Inn.
A few of the walkers decided to stay for a drink at the George Inn, the last galleried Inn in the London. I decided to go home as I was planning to go on a walk the next day, some walkers were attending the fireworks display.
Thanks to Martin for leading this interesting walk. I learnt a lot like I did not know Shakespeare spent greater part of his life in London. Also, I would like to visit the museum at Globe Theatre and the Apothecaries Hall.


Photo:  The Black Friar Pub London.  Love Art Nouveau.  CCA 2.0 Generic