Saturday 5th March. Annual General Meeting

The AGM, which took place at the University of Westminster, was attended by 38 members, four more than last year.  This time, we were in a large room with nice blue chairs with wheels and we had plenty of space to accommodate everybody.    The AGM was attended by our long-lost mascot, Quintin, who had spent a few years in the attic of Gerald’s brother (for the record, Quintin was supposed to go home  with Danny after the meeting but Siew Tin offered to look after our mascot).  The formal business of the meeting included the minutes of last year’s AGM, the report of the Committee on the activities of the club and the financial report and statement of accounts.  The Rambler of the Year Award was presented by the President to Geoffrey who had done a record 63 walks in 2015.  It was the 14th time he won the award!The officers and committee members were re-elected for another year.  There was a motion for discussion which proposed a change to the name of the club to Polytechnic Walking Club as it was felt that ‘rambling’ had an old fashioned connotation.  After a lively discussion, opinions were divided as some members agreed with the motion and others felt that the club had a long history and its name was part of its heritage.  There was a vote and, after counting hands a number of times for accuracy, the result was that the motion was not carried and the Polytechnic Rambling Club will keep its name.

Following the AGM, there was time for refreshments, nibbles and chatting.  Afterwards, there was an option to visit the Regent Street Cinema, the “birthplace of cinema in the UK”, next door to the University building, for a programme of short films as part of the London Asian Film Festival.

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