We had a beautiful walk on Saturday weaving our way between Hampshire & West Sussex. It was mostly through light woodland & on such a lovely sunny day, the sunlight filtering through golden leaves was very uplifting! We had a look at the curious Tuxlith chapel & its more modern neighbour, St Luke’s, both appearing to be in the middle of the wood. The chapel was built in the twelfth  century & is now considered ‘redundant’, presumably because it’s so small, but is ‘under the care of the Friends of Friendless Churches.’ St Luke’s is Victorian & not so  romantic but still a lovely church & clearly well used.

Lunch was at Flying Bull in Rake- not a gourmet pub, thank goodness- but friendly & efficient.

The afternoon took us through more woodland & we had a good refreshment stop at the Deer’s Hut in Griggs Green. After that we found ourselves going past Foley Manor where one of our number remembered having spent holidays as a child & learning to swim. We got to Liphook station in good time & without having lost the small, autumn leaf coloured dog who honoured us with his company.