Saturday 27 September: Kemsing Circular Walk

Eight Polyramblers aligned at Kemsing station to be met by Kim and Siew Kee who were leading the walk.  It was a beautiful sunny day, ideal for walking.  After a short walk on a country lane, we were soon in fields full of sheep.  Walkers and sheep wanted to go across the same bridge over the motorway so there was a bit of a bottleneck but the sheep went one way and we went the other, walking along newly ploughed fields, passing lovely oasthouses with views of the North Downs.  We continued along a country lane  following the Pilgrims Way for a short while, admiring St Clere House before joining the North Downs Way after a steep climb.  We stopped for lunch in a quirky pub, the Rising Sun, that has three welcoming tabby cats.  It looks more like a private house than a pub and does not serve food but the landlady had said that we could eat our lunch there.  So we sat in the garden with our beer/tea and our sandwiches in the cats’ company. Dessert was provided by Siew Kee who had rescued macaroons from a trade show the previous day.  They were delicious.  We resumed our walk and made our way back to Kemsing station via Kemsing village and the lovely Kent countryside.


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