Saturday 26th February. Richmond to Hampton Court.

An impressive 22 of us assembled at Richmond Station. The weather was largely dry but there was a strong and chilly wind as we crossed Richmond Green. We have taken the path on the Ham side several times in the past, but by way of a change crossed Richmond Bridge, following the Middlesex bank. We passed  Ham house across the river, then Orleans Gallery, currently under renovation and York House with its wonderful Naked Ladies statuary. These had been acquired around 1900 by the Indian industrialist Sir Ratan Tata whose name survives in what is now a multinational company. After Eel Pie Island and the attractive St Mary’s church at Twickenham, a  rather dull stretch along  pavements took us to Teddington Lock where we crossed back to the Surrey side. Reaching Kingston, we dispersed to have lunch and a few of us called it a day; understandable given the conditions. We took the path on the Middlesex bank, before turning right into Hampton Court Park. We followed the Long Water before reaching the  House. Passing across the front we regained the river and very soon a nice warm train.

We were honoured to have our treasurer with us who was chasing up overdue subscriptions – a gentle reminder to those of you who still have to pay. We were also pleased to have a potential new member. Welcome to the Polys – I  hope that we will see you again soon.    Mike