Saturday 19 March: Circular Walk in Stonegate (East Sussex)

After a truly depressingly muddy walkover, the conditions on Saturday were wonderful. We kept up a good pace which we needed to do as there were 2 necessary pub stops & some people had engagements in London in the evening. That  part of Sussex is beautiful, not too hilly but pleasingly undulating & the walk was a good mixture of wood & field. We stopped for lunch at Burwash where most of us had sandwiches just outside the churchyard on handily placed benches with a fine view over the valley.

We then made our way to Burwash Weald where the Wheel Inn had kindly agreed to let us have Stuart’s birthday cake outside provided we all had a drink – not too hard to agree to!  I brought a firework candle which even in the daylight was pretty impressive & must have made up a little bit for the torture we inflicted on Stuart by singing ‘Happy Birthday’ – it certainly brought the chef out to see whether a riot had broken out in his garden or some kind of weird pagan ritual which I suppose it probably is.

We got to Stonegate station in time for those with social lives to get back to London in time & all in all, it was a good day.