15 hikers set out from Godalming Station on a mild and dry Saturday. The route started along the River Wey going upstream. This was a pleasant walk along the riverbank with plenty of wildlife including a brace of pheasant and a Muntjac deer. We then turned away from the river through woodland to Hurtmore and then through Compton Village to The Watts Memorial Chapel. This is a stunning piece of Arts and Crafts grade one listed chapel in extremely good condition. Sad to say we could not stay long enough do it justice. We then went on to the Watts Gallery and cafe for an excellent lunch and it was sunny enough to sit outside. Although we were unable to go into the gallery we did peek through the large window at some sculptures and outside there were interesting wall plaques commemorating local people who had volunteered and contributed to the gallery in various ways over the years.

We then picked up the pace a little and navigated the North downs way with fine views until we were reunited with the River Wey (though Downstream near Guildford) The final run through to Godalming was along the River Wey Navigation. Most of this is National Trust and was a varied walk along the flood plane, by Lammas Lands arriving back at Godalming Station just in time for the train.

Thanks to Ida for the photos