The weather forecast for our first small group walk, post-lockdown was not encouraging – heavy rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon. In spite of this the full complement of 12 pre-booked walkers turned up at Amersham.  In line with government guidelines we split into two groups of six and set off, initially on tree lined streets and then woodland paths with views across the Chess Valley. One walker turned back at this point but the rest continued down into the valley and back up the other side on a narrow lane. We passed some attractive farm properties at the top. From there we walked above the east side of the Chess valley and eventually through fields of barley and descended to emerge just above Chesham station. All this time the weather held and it was even sunny at one point. But as we ate our sandwiches in Lowndes Park the clouds threatened and half the group decided to head back on the tube. Wise decision. The remaining six set off for the final three miles back to Amersham. After 20 minutes the heavens opened as predicted and didn’t let up for the rest of the walk. We were thoroughly soaked but we can’t say we weren’t warned. Thanks to everyone who took part, especially Carol for bringing her homemade cake bites which helped to get us through the longish morning walk.