3 July: Walk with London Blind Ramblers to Mayfield Lavender Farm and the Oaks Park

Thanks to the Polyramblers and their friends who came to help guide the London Blind Ramblers to and from Mayfield Lavender Farm and the Oaks Park on 3rd July 2022. Here are some comments from some of our team.

“It was lovely to spend the day with the London Blind Ramblers on Sunday. The walk itself wound through some beautiful meadows while overhead we heard the piping of swifts darting about in the blue sky above our heads. We could sometimes see in the far distance glimpses of London’s vertical towers glinting in the sunshine but apart from that I felt I was deep in the countryside. We passed through some gorgeous lavender fields and then after lunch walked around some refreshingly cool woods before heading back to Coulsdon South in the warm sunshine. It was a great deal of fun meeting the Blind Ramblers and making new friends and they all seemed to enjoy it too.” Chris

“For me it was such a privilege to walk with someone who had no sight but who could absorb the sounds, the smells, the touch of everything around her and who could imagine and enjoy the beauty of nature that we were describing. It made me so grateful on the day that I have the gift of sight and I will try not to take it for granted from now on, having got to know Taufiq and share some of her world during our walk together.” Jill

“I enjoyed the walk: especially the lunch spot was excellent- there were several options to suit all -ice creams, cafe and picnic benches to please all. Stiles were interesting and to see how the VIPs managed them.” Sunita

“It was such a privilege and honour to meet the Blind Ramblers again. They amaze me with their resilience and joy, (and the ability to tackle the stiles!). It was a lovely walk, friendly people, tall grass and butterflies! What more could anyone want? Jackie C.

“A big thank you for a most enjoyable walk today. Met more Poly members, also members from London Blind Ramblers. Enjoyed the experience of helping Sophie and later Taufiq. My three invitees: Bernadette, Marcya and Yukiko enjoyed the walk and company, and asked me to send you their best regards.” Meng

“I would add another mention of the lavender, which was the main focus of the trip after all, and was in full bloom, and which we were able to pause and enjoy on our walk across the farm, plus, later, the scent of the lime trees in the woodland. It was in complete contrast with the walk through the London parks with the LBRs in the autumn (which I didn’t get round to writing up!) to which Sunita kindly brought fragrance samples from her work so that we could enjoy some interesting aromas at a time of year when there were not so many around in nature! As the others have mentioned, the day reminded us to be aware of the difficulties some people, sighted or not and for various reasons, experience when tackling stiles, especially stiles that have been assembled with little thought of or in defiance of the users!” Pam

Thank you again to Polyramblers and friends for helping, guiding, shepherding, organising, mingling, helping over and round stiles and generally keeping the show on the road (29 of us in all!). No mean feat!

Pam. Photos from Jill and Pam